Cleaning Hack: DIY Scratch Remover (Wood)

Green Cleaning has become all the rage anymore. It seems that everyone is pulling random decrepit objects from their cupboards to clean their living space in the name of green. What’s the worst that can happen, really?  I mean, I suppose it’s about time to put that box of arm and hammer to use; it’s been sitting in the freezer ever since I moved here….

So, I have seen lots of posts on facebook and pinterest with recipes for DIY cleaning projects that supposedly really work. I’ve always wanted to try these types of concoctions if not for the fact that I can simply mix a bunch of crap together and have a science project right here at home! Well I saw this article on  How To Easily Fix Scratches on Wood Furniture from  DIY Projects World’s website, and decided it would be worth a shot to try it out.

1. DIY Project- Removing scratches from Wood furniture
Conclusion: Works for lighter, not-so-serious nics scratches; not recommended for use on deeper ones.

Pros: Leaves wood looking shiny and clean                             Cons: Doesn’t work well on deep scratches 
         Inexpensive, chemical free solution                                             
A small bowl
A rag
 3/4 c Olive Oil and
1/4 c Vinegar
No specific types of oil or vinegar are stated in the recipe of the original post. Results may vary based upon what kind of oil/vinegar you use— I used 3/4 c Extra Virgin Olive Oil 1/4 White Distilled Vinegar.

From what I gather, you simply mix the two ingredients together, dip a rag into the concoction and start wiping down the furniture of your choice. This seems like a good way to do it— if you want oily hands and furniture, and everything smelling like vinegar(yes, even with 1/4 c)!!

 I tried this recipe on our kitchen chair and  living room table.
I simply dipped my rag into the oil/vinegar concoction, keeping it saturated pretty well. Then I began lightly wiping down the chair.
 (sorry about the bad quality of the pictures, I had a hard time getting good lighting with the camera on my LG G2)

Chair pre oil and vinegar (notice the spots on the left hand side)

The chair has some pretty deep scratches on it
so it took a bit of elbow grease to get minimal results.

Chair after oil and  vinegar 

As you can [hopefully] see, the scratches are still on the chair. There were a few smaller nics that did go away; the oil and vinegar seem to soak into the wood, making it darker where the scratches are.

The table, however, is a different story. There were a lot more scratches on it but they are much lighter and easier to get rid of. Again, it may be hard to see, but some of the nics seemed to straight up disappear! It looks a lot nicer, even with the deeper spots still showing.

Table before 

Table after

Upon doing further research I decided that this method may not have worked due to my lack of knowledge in what type of wood finish our furniture has, and the fact that I used extra virgin olive oil. There may be more efficient types of oil out there to use on this project.

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Thoughts or suggestions?