Spring Cleaning CHALLENGE!


Spring Cleaning is a pretty well known tradition here in the Midwest. When the weather starts to tire of toying with us we get itchy. Snow melts, the first flowers pop up(I can’t wait to see if my new Crocus will), and the sun will start to stay a while.

A lot of the time we tend to “hibernate” through winter, so spring means waking from our beauty sleep. This usally gives us a boost of energy and makes us want to clean up our winter mess.

I have a feeling that you’re thinking to yourself, “but it’s not spring yet- it’s still winter!’. So? Just because it’s called spring cleaning doesn’t mean we have to wait until Spring.

Take advantage of your extra time

Wouldn’t it be great if you had those first weeks of spring to get out of the house? Enjoy the mud and rainy days with the kids? If I know anything about kids, it’s that they hate being bored.

Take my son for example. He is currently going nuts looking for something to do while I write this. He was outside adventuring and playing all day, and he still finds a way to be bored.

I see spring cleaning as a way to purge all that winter build up. Physically, less sun for me means less happiness. I always feel better when I spend the day in the sunshine!

When I’m less happy, I’m less active. When I’m less active, I clean less. When I clean less, I get clutter. When I get clutter, I’m less happy.

See how that works? It turns into a never ending cycle of clutter and guilt. Throw in those dreams about SuperMom traits and it’s all downhill.

Why We Don’t Do It

There are many reasons for procrastinating at something. Cleaning can be a big one. Aside from the fact that I struggle from depression, I am a huge fan of putting responsibility on my future self. I always find time to “do it later”.

3 things I hear that prevent others from tackling things are:

They don’t have enough time.

They get overwhelmed.

They lack family support.

All of these can be good reasons/excuses as to why we don’t clean.

The Fix

If you guessed coffee, you’re wrong! While coffee helps us in the short term, it doesn’t clean our house. So I came up with this Spring Cleaning Challenge to add the extra oomph the coffee can’t provide.

The Spring Cleaning Challenge

Over the next 5 days, we will spring clean one area of our house. I don’t care if it’s a huge living room or a small corner of the bedroom. In fact, I don’t care if it’s your kitchen counter!

The goal of this challenge is to help you clear your mind and tackle that one thing that’s dragging you down.

What We’ll Do

Day 1- We’ll identify what’s blocking you from getting started.

Day 2-We’ll pick an area. Room, corner, closet, whatever.

Day 3-We’ll devise a slacker-proof plan THAT will actually work to help you DECLUTTER your space and your mind.

Day 4- The hardest part of the challenge. We. WILL. START.

Day 5- We will assess our progress and tweak our plan if needed.


For today, simply think about your state of mind right now. Think of the winter and the things you’ve done over the past few months. If you’re somewhere in a different season, think of your winter time too.

This is getting posted on a Sunday night, so if you see it soon it will be perfect time to reflect. If you’re finding this at a later date, no worries! Go at your own pace!

I’ll see you back here tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning CHALLENGE!

  1. I can keep common areas tidy, it’s the rooms most people don’t see that get cluttered, bedroom and the dreaded basement

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