Super Ideas for Your Superbowl Party

The Superbowl is coming on February 4! That means it’s time to plan your Superbowl Party! Planning a party can be fun, but it can also be overwhelming. Who should you invite? How many will actually show up? And how do you plan enough snack food? What about the kids? So much to do!

In this post we will discuss how to plan your Superbowl party, make super recipes and find party games to score a touchdown with your guests!


By now you may have a list of guests already RSVP’d. Or you could have a Facebook event set up with all the people you invited.

The problem with Facebook invites is that people seldom look at them and often forget it’s even there. So in order to effectively get a head count for your party, you can reach out to your prospective guests directly. Create a group message and label it “Superbowl at our place!” or something along those lines.

Request that respondents let you know whether they will make it or not in order to help you plan food. A good rule of thumb for making enough food is to make enough for all of your guests. If you have a large crowd, ask that others help with food and supplies like plates, bowls, silverware, napkins and cups.


Set Up

Having a good flow to your party is very helpful. Set up a snack table, a sweets table and a beverage table to keep a little structure. Section off an area of the house for games, and grab a volunteer to run them for a little while. It also helps to have a schedule for the kids. Pencil out an hour for games, half an hour for snacks, and commercial breaks for free time.

Superbowl Food 

Snack foods are a staple of  every Superbowl party. Finger foods and dips also tend to be filling crowd pleasers. Below is a list of fun food from around the web to get you in touchdown territory!


This crack dip, for instance, is always a hit at our house. All you need is 10 minutes and 4 ingredients to make a drool worthy chip dip.

Another huge hit at our house is the infamous 7 layer bean dip.  My boyfriend insists that he can’t go without it. This one takes a little more time and ingredients, but it’s worth it!

Looking for something more unique and creative? This football bread bowl makes for a healthier take on Superbowl snacks. The kale-artichoke dip makes for a different kind of snack. If you don’t like make or artichoke, you can change your dip to something like this pizza dip.

Snack Foods

Now that we’ve covered dips we can move on to the best part of Superbowl food: finger foods! Finger foods are quick and easy to eat and can satisfy the pickiest of eaters (read: the kids). Here are more ideas for the perfect Superbowl snacks.

Football Deviled Eggs.

Pretzel Bites

Smoky Chicken Fingers with Honey Mustard Dip

Pigs on Sticks

3 Ingredient Healthy Fruit Dip


Don’t forget the sweets! Food Network has an awesome twist on puppy chow. Or checkout:

Football Rice Krispies

Football Cake Pops

Hand Dipped Football Strawberries

Super Bowl Jersey Cookies


What kind of party would it be if there were no games?! There are plenty of games out there that can be tailored to football and the Superbowl. A couple examples are:

Superbowl Commercial Bingo 

Superbowl Charades

Games for Kids

The toughest critics are kids! When they get bored, you will know. Take a few minutes to think of some different game ideas to keep them busy during the game. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Football Hot Potato- Hot Potato but with a football!

Musical Chairs- play the NFL theme for music

Free Printable- Superbowl Bingo for Kids

Not everyone loves football but Superbowl parties can be made for everyone to enjoy!

What are you planning for your Superbowl party?  Drop a comment and let me know!